Commodities Index Use as a Guideline

AIMU will provide for its members helpful and practical information regarding commodities.  The information contained on the AIMU website is provided as a guideline only, and users and members should not rely on it as a professional advice or service.  If legal or other assistance is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.  


These are commodities that instruct you to see IMDG Code (mandatory on January 1, 2004) and US CFR regulations.  The IMDG code is the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.  The CFR is the  Code of Federal Regulations.

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AIMU appreciates the contributions made by the Technical Services and Cargo Loss Prevention Committee members who brought this project to the membership.  A further thank you to Intermodal Transportation Services, Inc. and the German Insurance Association, & Transport Information Service, for allowing and/or granting AIMU the use of their contents.  Neither AIMU or any of these other entities provides any guarantee as to the correctness, completeness, currency and technical accuracy of the contents and consequently no liability can be accepted, irrespective of the use to which such information is put.


Cargoes are regulated because of their properties, not because of their names.  It is difficult and far from perfect to determine with any accuracy which of these commodities are regulated hazardous cargoes.  While the names of cargoes listed may be in common use in insurance policies, many of the names are technically dated or not the same as the proper shipping name used for regulatory purposes.  There is no quick and easy way to determine with certainty if any given commodity as named in this list is regulated or not.  Accordingly, care should be taken.  As set forth above, this does not constitute professional advice or service.


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