AIMU is committed to advancing the educational, governmental, regulatory and technical interests of the ocean marine insurance industry.  One of the services AIMU provides for its members is the provision of education and publishing of information for use by underwriters, loss control and claims specialists, and other interested parties.Read more...

The topics covered by AIMU Reports, Bulletins, News Articles, Seminars and Webinars are intended to provide an overall awareness of the issues, hazards and exposures associated with a specific industry or ocean marine class of business. Volunteer members of a committee and/or staff of AIMU have produced this information. Committee members abide by antitrust restrictions and all other applicable laws and regulations while compiling information. It is generally not possible to treat any one subject in an exhaustive manner, nor is it AIMU's intent to do so. No representations or warranties are made regarding the thoroughness or accuracy of the information contained in Reports, Bulletins, News Articles and other information provided by third parties, Seminars and Webinars or any part of it. Nothing in this information should be interpreted as providing definitive guidance on any question relating to policy interpretation, underwriting practice, or any other issues in insurance coverage. AIMU does not prescribe to its members how to make underwriting or claims decisions, nor does it require that analysis follow any particular format. AIMU also makes no representation or warranty as to the work product or content of any information or report provided by any AIMU Correspondent or otherwise available on the AIMU website. Hide.


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