Introduction to Protection and Indemnity (2 days)

From Tuesday 10 April 2018 -  10:00am
To Wednesday 11 April 2018 - 05:00pm

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Overview:  Learn about the exposures to Liability for injury or death to crew and passengers, vessel owners liability to shore workers, miscellaneous liabilities for death and injury. Study the P & I policy insuring agreement, additional exclusions and limitations, underwriting and claims provisions.  

Who Should Attend: Underwriters, claims personnel, investigators, maritime shipowners, attorneys, insurance agents and brokers.

Tracy Kiffer,
AVP, Navigators Management Co.
Christopher M. Hill, AVP, Berkley Offshore Underwriting Managers 
Steve Rible, Mendes & Mound LLP
Kord Spielmann, The Hartford

Continuing Education Credits: NAMS: 12 Credits SAMS: 12 Credits

State Insurance Departments
12 credits in NY, NJ, TX
10 credits in MA



  1. Introduction and Development of Protection & Indemnity Coverage

1. Brief History (advent of coverage in the U.K.)
2. Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Jones Act)
3. Explanation of Fixed Cost P&I versus P&I Clubs
4. Types of use for the different forms 

  1.  Protection and Indemnity Clauses SP-23 (revised 1/56)

1.  Coverages Provided

a. Loss of Life / Personal Injury
b. Maintenance and Cure
c. Third Party Liabilities
d. Wreck Removal

2.  Form Exclusions

a. War Risks
b. Towing

3.  Common Endorsements

a. Punitive Damages Exclusion
b. Pollution Exclusion
c. Nuclear Exclusion
d. Diving Exclusion
e. AIMU Chemical, Bio-Chemical and Electromagnetic Exclusion
f. AIMU Radioactive Contamination Exclusion
g. International Economic and Trade Sanctions Clause (OFAC)

  1.  Protection and Indemnity Clauses - SP 38

  2. AIMU Protection and Indemnity Clauses

  3. Coverage Comparison - AIMU P&I Clauses vs. other P&I Insuring Forms


  1. Class Categories

  2. Geographic Territories

  3. Importance of Financials

  4. Large Loss Potential

  5. Inherent Hazards

  6. External Exposures

  7. Management

  8. Account Experience

  9. Economies Environment


  1. Policy Coverage

  2. Insured & Policy Forms

  3. Types of Claimants

  4. Loss Investigation & Adjusting


  1.  When to use a Marine Surveyor

  2. Types of Surveys

  3. Criteria for Selecting a Surveyor

  4. Reporting Criteria

  5. What to expect from the Surveyor

  6. What the Surveyor should expect from the Underwriter 

Program Features: Continental Breakfast Lunch Handouts & Lecture Notes

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