The AIMU Intern Education Program (pilot program) is designed to provide concentrated resources that allow learners to develop a foundational understanding of marine insurance lines of business. The Program consists of sixteen on-demand recordings and is a valuable training opportunity for interns, new hires, as well as marine insurance professionals early in their careers. The AIMU Intern Program provides students with skills and knowledge that may be transferable to other insurance and risk management settings.

Upon completion of the AIMU Intern Education Program, to earn a standard “AIMU Intern Education Program Certificate” email Eileen Monreale, with a statement "I confirm that I have viewed the entirety of the 8 AIMU and 8 IUMI required content" to receive a standard Certificate of Completion.

To earn an “Advanced AIMU Intern Education Program Certificate”, please follow instructions in the application. View application »
AIMU acknowledges and extends a thank you to the AIMU Education Committee for contributing their time and expertise to launch this new Program.

On-demand recordings selected for the AIMU Intern Education Program.  We recommend you view them in the order as displayed.


There are 8 on-demand recordings available for purchase. 
A package of all 8 recordings can be purchased for 250.00 as part of the AIMU Intern Education Program.  These are listed below. 

If you are ordering these as part of the AIMU Intern Education Program, do not click on the Purchase Webinar link at the bottom of each of the individual pages describing the on-demand recordings.  Use the AIMU Intern Program On-Demand Recording Package link underneath the list of recordings.

 Title of RecordingDate of RecordingDuration
 1. Underwriters of the United States and Their Impact on Its History 2022-01-31 1 hour 2 minutes

 2. History of Marine Insurance in the United States 2019-06-10 90 minutes

 3. E-Learn Cargo Course Modules 2023-12-28 Two modules minimum 20 minutes for first module and 60 minutes for second

 4. American Institute Tug Form (8/1/76) 2015-07-14 1 hour 15 minutes

 5. American Institute Builders Risk Clauses (2/8/79) 2009-09-15 60 minutes

 6. American Institute Hull Clauses - (Blue Water and Non-Blue Water) (6/22/77) 2009-05-11 62 minutes

 7. Charterer's Legal Liability 2009-02-18 59 minutes

 8. American Institute Hull Forms Course 2023-12-28 Minimum 45 minutes - self paced training

Purchase the 8 recordings listed above

After paying for the recordings, you will receive an email with instructions for viewing them and downloading any available handouts.



There are 8 free IUMI Webinars.  These are listed below.

 Title of RecordingDate of RecordingLink
 1. Extreme weather: Does the maritime industry need to prepare for a “new normal”? March 30, 2020
 2. OFAC Advisory: Guidance to Address Illicit Shipping and Sanctions Evasion Practices June 10, 2020
 3. Inflation and its impact on marine insurance December 1, 2022
 4. Storage risk - Loss prevention and underwriting considerations March 24, 2022
 5. Cargo Catastrophe Risk August 25, 2022
 6. (E)Vehicle fires: An emerging risk - what's true and what isn't? February 15, 2023
 7.  Underinsurance in cargo policies June 28, 2023
 8. Understanding the risk from climate change to cargo insurers June 17, 2021


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