AIMU recommends the use of an accredited marine surveyor. SAMS, NAMS and Navtech USSA are recognized associations of professional marine surveyors, with well over 1,000 members located throughout the United States.  Links to these websites are provided immediately below and you can use the “Find A Surveyor” menu option to locate a surveyor in all 50 states plus many foreign countries.

SAMS - The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors was established during the 1980's by a small group of surveying professionals wishing to advance their craft. SAMS organization is actively seeking skilled professionals who have a need to achieve and maintain a standard of excellence in their profession. Accredited Marine Surveyors are expected to follow a course of continuing education to maintain their accreditation. Members are guided by a code of ethics and are encouraged to participate in other organizations relative to the marine field.

NAMSGlobal - The National Association of Marine Surveyors, Inc. is a professional, independent group of marine surveyors and consultants.   The Association was founded to enhance marine safety, establish professional standards and create a forum to discuss survey practices. NAMSGlobal remains committed to these principles, promoting professionalism, integrity, and continuing education for all its membership, to the benefit of those who use NAMSGlobal Marine Surveyors. Since 1962, the NAMSGlobal has serviced the Global Marine Industry with highly trained & experienced Marine Surveyors. Disciplines include Yachts & Small Craft, Cargo/Container, Commercial Fishing Vessels, Commercial Vessels, Heavy Lift, Hull & Machinery, Marina Facilities, Marine Warranty and Salvage Operation. As the oldest marine surveying professional organization in the Americas, NAMSGlobal surveyors are available to assist with any Marine Surveying needs.

US Surveyors Association - Navtech USSA, founded in 1987, is the second oldest marine surveyor training organization. Originally a captain’s licensing school, Navtech has evolved into the oldest marine surveyor school in America. All training is based on US Coast Guard inspection standards.  Navtech, the school, has trained a generation of working surveyors, including members of SAMS, NAMS and AMS.  US Surveyors Association was founded alongside our flagship correspondence training to give surveyors with both new and veteran experience an alternate membership and professional standards organization.  Both the school and organization adhere to a Code of Ethics and a vetting process that requires both experience and knowledge, proven by exam completion and resume documentation.  For a complete list of active member surveyors please visit