Corporate membership is comprised of insurance corporations authorized to write ocean marine insurance or reinsurance in any state of the United States or if a foreign company, duly admitted to transact business in any state of the United States. Corporate members must have a Bests rating and be in the business three years. Minimum fee of $6,000 or annual assessment based upon gross written ocean marine premium volume.

Subscriber membership is the same as corporate, except lacking a Bests Rating and/or three years in the business. Annual fee of $6,000.

Associate membership includes companies/organizations involved in some aspect of international transportation or trade and cannot meet the requirements for corporate membership. Annual fee of $3,000. However, Associate Members who act as Managing General Agents and write marine business that is not reported by a current Corporate Member company will be subject to a minimum annual fee of $6,000 and maximum annual fee of $10,000.

These membership category is conferred upon members by the AIMU board of directors in recognition of service to AIMU and the profession.

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