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  • Presented: May 28, 2014
  • Duration: (64-minutes)


Cargo theft has experienced a dramatic increase over the last 5 years and is considered to be one of the most costly loss leaders in the world of insurance.  The advancements of technology-based solutions has been fighting to keep up with the newest methods of theft.  The internet has allowed the world to connect, and with this geography, global expansion, and trading between countries previously unknown to each other has increased exponentially. With these new geographies come new challenges against an old trade: theft.  This presentation is meant to show a broad view of rising trends based on geography, culture, and socio-economics.  The pros and cons of the various technological solutions are discussed, and real world experiences are shared to demonstrate the difficulties faced by risk management when combatting cargo theft.


Mark Cote
Chief Marine Officer - North America
Marine Risk Engineering
Zurich Services Corporation

About the Instructor:

Mark is a graduate of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. He has over eighteen year experience working as a marine surveyor, marine engineer, and marine loss investigator.  In 2005 Mark was Qualified by US Federal Court (1st District US Federal Court of Appeals/Boston), as an Expert Witness in Marine Surveying, Marine Engineering, Ports & Terminals, Marine Construction, Subsea Inspections, Large Loss Accident Investigations. In addition to his experience on the insurance company-side, Mark worked as Director of Global Marine for Crawford and Co. from 2008-2010. Most recently Mark has specialized in in-country field experience in Latin America, Pac-Asia, Middle East, and Eastern Europe conducting Hijack Prevention as well as Security Threat Analysis & Intelligence gathering.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Underwriters, agents, brokers, and other insurance professionals with an  interest in better understanding the topic and current trends should attend this webinar


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