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Presented: April 25, 2017 from 2pm to 3pm ET

Duration: 60-minutes 


1. US Medical Costs continue to rise

a. Individuals without US medical insurance or worker’s comp face high costs

b. “Rack Rate”

c. Many ship agents prefer to not handle medical matters

- Agents hire medical “middleman”

- What is a middleman?

- No fee charged by middleman?

2. Are there alternatives to using the agent/middleman method?

a. What is a medical case manager and what do they do?

- How do they charge?

b. What is a review and audit service?

- How do they charge

c. What is a repatriation service?

3. Does the emergence of Telemedicine offer other options/alternatives?

a. What is Telemedicine?

b. Will the use of Telemedicine increase or decrease medical costs?

4. For discussion: Will non-US seafarer’s face additional obstacles receiving medical care in the US following the changes to US policy for those without a valid visa?

PRESENTER: John C. Scalia, ‎Special Consultant at Gard (North America) Inc.Mr. Scalia recently retired as Senior Claim Advisor to Gard North America, a position he held from 1998-July 2016. Prior to joining Gard, Mr. Scalia was AVP at Maritime Overseas; also the Manager at Insurance Claims and Loss Prevention at Farrell Lines’ and began his maritime Career as P&I Claim Manager at Apex.Mr. Scalia is a 1970 graduate of The College of Insurance, now St. John’s University School of Risk Management.Among his many maritime affiliations, Mr. Scalia is a Marine and Insurance Claims Association – better known as MICA Board member; he is Past Chair of the Maritime Torts Committee; and adjunct professor at St. John’s University School of Risk Management.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Insurance company underwriters, trainees, claims personnel, surveyors, agents or brokers, shipowners, charterers and maritime attorneys.


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