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  • Presented: April 25, 2014
  • Duration: (44-minutes)


This presentation focuses on the American Institute Tug Clauses with special emphasis on Tower's Liability.  Pilotage situations, Collision and General Average are also discussed. This webinar is an addition to a series of Particular Average Claims recordings now available on demand on the AIMU website.  For more information about the Association of Average Adjusters, or to see the requirements to become a Full Member, see


Richard Carney, is a former Claims representative, Mr. Carney has over 30 years’ experience in the industry.  Mr. Carney has been an average adjuster, ship owner’s claims representative and underwriter’s claims examiner, and is a full member of the Association of Average Adjusters.  He has lectured at St. John’s University and AIMU’s Marine Insurance Day seminar.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Claims Adjusters, Underwriters, Agents and Brokers, and other insurance professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of particular average claims.

PREQUISITE KNOWLEDGE: Attendees should have a basic understanding of hull insurance and two or more years of experience as a claims representative or as an underwriter to obtain full benefit from these presentations.

 HANDOUTS: There are four reference documents in addition to the PDF of the slides available with the purchase of this webinar. 


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