Cargo Course Modules

cargoclause Self-paced training consisting of two modules:

Module 1:  The Ocean Marine Cargo Transportation Process (Short Preview »)
Duration:   Minimum 20 minutes - self paced training

Module 2:  Introduction to the American Institute Cargo Clauses (Short Preview »)
Duration:   Minium 60 minutes - self paced training
  Module 1 should be viewed first.  
  • The Ocean Marine Cargo Transport (Module 1 of 2)
    minimum 20-minutes
    The content consists of 20-slides in a narrated course that includes self-testing. The module is an overview of steps in the process including an equipment sale and the ensuing warehouse-to-warehouse transportation, insurance and risk management process. It will cover:
    • Who has the insurable interest in the property?
    • What type of property is being transported?
    • How is the property being transported?
    • When does the duration of the transport sequence commence and finish?
    • Where is the property being transported?

  • Introduction to the American Institute Cargo Clauses (Module 2 of 2)
    Duration: minimum 60-minutes
    The content consists of 74-slides in a narrated course. The session is segmented into five sections with "check points" to test your knowledge throughout and a final assessment. Upon completion of both modules and achievement of a 70% or better on the final assessment, please follow instructions to receive a "Successful Course Completion Certificate".
    1. Chapter 1: Sections of the Policy
    2. Chapter 2: Key Differences Between the Four Clauses:
      - Free of Particular Average
      - American Conditions (FPAAC) Free of Particular Average
      - English Conditions (FPAEC) With Average (WA)
      - All Risks
    3. Chapter 3: Scenarios
    4. Chapter 4: General Average · Final Assessment

    This training is recommended for underwriters, risk managers, agents, brokers, claims representatives and other insurance professionals interested in understanding the Institute Hull form.

    Special acknowledgement for production, content management and narration to: Robert Comegys, Andrew D’Alessio, Deirdre Donovan, and Richard Roenbeck. Narration by Deirdre Donovan.

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