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Talking Points for S.R. & C.C. 12 and 12A:  


S.R. & C.C. 12 AND 12A

  • The new endorsements, S.R. & C.C. 12 and 12A, are intended to replace Forms 11 and 11A, respectfully, and can be applicable whether or not TRIA remains in effect.

  • The pending change in TRIA requires an update of form 11A with regards to the act.  Therefore the phrase "or any subsequent amendments or endorsements to the Act (P.L. # 107-297)."  has been added.  This also allows for any future changes to the act without further modification to form 12A.

  • Both forms, 12 and 12A, clarify how the Free of Capture & Seizure Warranty, Extended Radioactive Contamination Exclusion Clause (Extended RACE Clause), Chemical, Biological, Bio-Chemical and Electromagnetic Exclusion Clause (CBE Clause), interact with the S.R. & C.C. clause.

  • 12 and 12A have been updated to include "electronic" notice of cancellation.

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